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Polyester Surface tissue

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Polyester Surface Tissue Characteristics      

Polyester surface tissue made of polyester fiber with high strength, not easy to wear and break through wet process, without any adhesive material. Tissue surface is high, uniform and flat, soft to feel, good air permeability and other characteristics, giving polyester surface tissues applied in FRP products with resin affinity function, resin penetration and formation of resin rich layer on the surface of FRP products, eliminate bubble and white stain phenomenon and cover fiber lines, improve the surface finish of FRP and anti-leakage performance, at the same time,It has excellent corrosion resistance. Especially for hydrofluoric acid (HF) and oxidation components or solvents, so that it still maintains good physical properties and dimensional stability in the liquid.   The UV resistance stability of polyester surface tissue can effectively improve the UV resistance of glass fiber surface, so that the glass fiber products can be protected in texture, color and other aspects, and improve the anti-aging ability.

Polyester surface Tissue Application:

The product is widely used in pultrusion process, winding process, hand paste process, vacuum injection process. Such as: ship, plate, light tile, car board, wind turbine blade, storage tank, pipe, profile, radome, etc.

I.The application of polyester surface tissue in FRP helmet

The application of polyester surface tissue on fiberglass helmet is realized by hand paste process. Polyester surface tissue on helmet can play the role of rich resin, so that glass fiber and resin can be well combined together, enhance the mechanical properties of the helmet surface, but also improve the finish of the helmet surface. The glass fiber should not leak out so as to prevent the direct contact between human body and glass fiber. In order to better protect the human skin from glass fiber damage.

II.the application of polyester surface tissue in honeycomb panel manufacturing industry

Polyester surface tissue is copolymerized with polyester fiber modification, so that it has a strong affinity and resin, than other materials have the following unique product characteristics.

First, Using the softness and plasticity of polyester surface tissue, other honeycomb panels are seamlessly combined to create a sweeping strip combining honeycomb panels with other panels.

Second, Polyester surface tissue through fiber modification, and resin or other adhesives have strong permeability and adhesion, so that honeycomb board and other materials bond without cracking, no delamination.

third,he polyester surface tissue is processed into a mesh structure, which enhances the bonding area between the resin and the board, reduces the phenomenon of air leakage and ventilation in the composite process, and makes it more sound insulation.

Fourth, polyester surface tissue itself has extremely superior anticorrosive material, at the same time resistance to hydrofluoric acid is its strength, has a wide range of applicability.

III. Application of polyester surface tissue on FRP film shell

The FRP reverse osmosis film is made of a computer-controlled winding unit and high-performance processing equipment. These high-efficiency units and high-precision processes ensure high-quality product production. And the quality assurance system is used to meet the growing market demand for FRP reverse osmosis membrane shells. In order to ensure that the surface of the glass steel film shell is smooth and the glass fiber does not leak, so as to ensure that the water quality is not contaminated by glass fiber, the polyester surface tissue can also make the glass fiber and resin composite better.

IV. Application of polyester surface tissue in FRP fence

Because of its superior softness and resin penetration performance, the polyester surface tissue gives the fence material a smooth and beautiful surface, and brings a very high mirror reflection to the FRP fence through the vacuum injection molding process; thus bringing excellent appearance performance and use effect to your products.

V. Application of polyester surface tissue in anti-corrosion and wear-resistant industry

The application of polyester surface tissue anti-corrosion and wear-resistant industry has shown its excellent performance of wear-resistant and anti-corrosion: epoxy floor, sewage tank, acid dewater tank, hydrofluoric acid storage tank, dust removal pipe, fan, etc.

VI. Application of polyester surface tissue in insulation products

In the application of high-voltage tool handles, pull rods, insulation ladders and other insulation products, it is an emerging popular technology for FRP products. Polyester surface tissue can bring excellent smoothness, mechanical wear resistance, insulation and weather resistance to the surface of FRP products to give such FRP products more superior performance.

Because the acid resistance of polyester fiber far exceeds that of glass fiber, its resistance to hydrofluoric acid (HF) is particularly outstanding, so it can improve the chemical corrosion resistance of the product. The UV resistance of polyester fiber itself effectively improves the UV resistance lacking in the surface tissue of glass fiber, and improves The anti-aging ability of FRP products; the softness of polyester fiber also provides strong protection for operators and molds in the processing process, without causing damage to workers and molds like glass fiber. It is a necessary item for manufacturing high-quality FRP molds and products. It provides a strong performance guarantee for innovative materials of FRP products in recent years.

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