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A brief discussion on the supporting materials of reverse osmosis membrane

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Reverse osmosis technology is a highly efficient water treatment technology that can effectively remove impurities such as dissolved solids, organic matter and microorganisms in water, making the water purer. Reverse osmosis membrane components are the core part of reverse osmosis technology. This article will introduce the reverse osmosis membrane structure, the process characteristics and applications of Metek substrates .

1. Composition materials of reverse osmosis membrane

The reverse osmosis membrane is composed of three layers of different materials, namely polyester non-woven fabric (skeleton support layer), polysulfone layer (loose support layer), and polyamide (reverse osmosis layer). The mechanical properties of the polyester non-woven fabric as the supporting substrate determine the mechanical properties of the reverse osmosis membrane; its surface roughness determines the bonding force between the polysulfone layer and the non-woven fabric; its average pore size also has an important influence on the size of the water flux, thereby affecting its use effect.

Polyester non-woven fabrics are made of PET fibers stacked to form a grid skeleton. They have a micron-level porous structure and can form sufficient interface strength with the polymer porous layer. They are suitable for coating polymer resin solutions such as polysulfone, polyethersulfone, and polyvinylidene fluoride. Their excellent mechanical properties, temperature resistance, and chemical stability can ensure that water treatment membranes can work stably for a long time under harsh conditions.

2. Process characteristics of Metek reverse osmosis membrane substrate

Through independently developed wet manufacturing technology and hot pressing process, M etek has developed a series of polyester non-woven fabrics with different technical indicators such as weight, thickness, air permeability, etc., which can simultaneously meet the production needs of different customers.

The product has excellent uniformity and mechanical properties, uniform weight and thickness, moderate air permeability, and no linting, etc., which meet the processing and use requirements of reverse osmosis membranes. At the same time, it can be adjusted according to needs, matching the customer's process to the greatest extent and meeting differentiated needs.

3. Application fields of membrane substrates

RO reverse osmosis technology is a membrane separation and filtration technology that uses osmotic pressure difference as power. It has been widely used in scientific research, medicine, food, beverages, seawater desalination, boiler water softening, wastewater treatment, and high-purity water preparation. The membrane substrate is one of the core components of the reverse osmosis membrane.

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