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Application of glass fiber felt in ships

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comparison diagram

The glass fiber felt produced by our company has the following characteristics:

First,The thermal insulation performance of the product is superior; the thermal conductivity of the product is: the average temperature is 25 degrees, and the thermal conductivity is: 0.032 W/(m*K),The thermal conductivity is lower than that of the insulation materials used in the market now.

Second, The flame retardant performance of the product is good, and the flame retardant grade is A2. ( Testing by the National Fire Protection Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center). UL flame retardant grade is V-0. ( UL detection)

Third,The product is a completely green and environmentally friendly product. The ROHS test of our products has zero heavy metal content. Our formaldehyde release detection is zero.

Fourth,The sound absorption performance of the product is good. The sound absorption coefficient of our products is 0.75.

Fifth,The volume weight of the product is 110 kg/m3. The thickness of the product is thin and light, and it takes up little space as an insulation layer.

Sixth, The product has high tensile strength, which is very convenient for construction as a thermal insulation material, and the material will not break. The strength and flexibility of the product are good, which can be used as both a plate or a coil.

Seventh,The product uses E-Glass, which can be both resistant to acid corrosion and alkali corrosion in a corrosive environment. Our materials have been used as anti-corrosion insulation layers for oil and natural gas pipelines, which can be anti-corrosion for 100 years in natural environments such as saline and alkaline land and seabeds.

Eighth,The chloride ion content of the product is very low. For the insulation equipment, pipes, especially stainless steel pipelines, there is no corrosiveness for long-term use. The insulation material of the imported marine heat tracing pipeline is made of glass fiber felt produced by our company.

Ninth,The quality moisture absorption rate of the product is very low, which is half of the quality moisture absorption rate of the glass wool insulation materials commonly used now.

Because our products have the above characteristics, our products are a good new type of insulation material in the manufacture of ships. Our materials can achieve thermal insulation, flame retardant, environmental protection and anti-corrosion. At the same time, it can save the space occupied by the insulation layer and expand the effective use space in the ship. Our materials can be used as insulation materials for marine pipelines as well as insulation materials for the hull and equipment on board.

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