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Application of polyester glass fiber cloth in bridge construction

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Polyester glass fiber cloth use of binder spray

(1) After the spraying equipment is moved to the site, place the polyester fiberglass cloth on the bracket to the specified position to ensure that the seam on the surface of the hollow pier meets the verticality requirements, and ensure that all the polyester fiberglass cloth used is in place. Under the tight state, but not too tight, otherwise it will cause tearing and affect the overall performance, which will adversely affect the quality of the project.

(2) In the range marked by the line on the surface of the hollow pier, the spraying of the adhesive shall be carried out. The horizontal spraying range shall be based on the width of the polyester glass fiber cloth and increase by 5-10 cm to prevent the leakage of spray and affect the project. the quality of.

(3) The temperature of the adhesive spraying operation should not be lower than 5℃, and the temperature of the adhesive should be 160-180℃. If the temperature cannot meet the requirements of the above standards, it will bring adverse effects on the quality and effect of the bonding.

(4) When spraying the binder, do a good job in the control of the spraying amount to ensure the accuracy of the measurement data. Generally speaking, the use range of spraying amount is controlled within 0.8~1.0 kg/m2. If necessary, increase the amount of adhesive sprayed to ensure that the quality and performance of the bond meet the requirements. If the spraying amount is relatively large, it is necessary to ensure that the construction in a high temperature environment will not cause the problem of sticking wheels.

(5) When spraying the adhesive, the hollow pier structure outside the positioning line needs to be well protected to ensure that the structure will not be polluted.

(6) Rain can easily lead to the problem of moisture on the surface of the hollow pier structure, which will adversely affect the spraying of the binder. Only when the hollow pier structure reaches the standard of dryness can the subsequent spraying construction be carried out to ensure that the project is qualified.

Polyester glass fiber cloth use of brushing and lap joint

(1) After the adhesive spraying work is completed, it exists in the state of liquid, and professional system equipment is used for on-site brushing construction, or manual brushing can also be selected. However, it should be noted that when the polyester glass fiber cloth is painted, it should be followed by the spraying of the adhesive, and the two processes must be connected.

(2) In the process of applying professional tractors for painting and construction, or using trucks to paint in the frame, strictly control the driving speed of the vehicle to meet the requirements of stability, slowness and uniformity. Special personnel will do a good job of on-site management to ensure that the flatness of the painting construction meets the standard.

(3) Choose to use professional equipment for brushing construction, prepare enough iron rods and brushes to ensure that all the adhesives are applied to the surface of the polyester glass fiber cloth during the actual brushing; if the polyester glass fiber cloth exists during painting In the case of bending or wrinkling, a tool should be used to cut the part, overlap construction along the brushing direction, and use a small amount of adhesive for rolling and bonding to ensure qualified connection performance and form a stable overall structure.

(4) In the construction link of polyester glass fiber cloth brushing, try to keep the brushing construction in a straight line. If you have to make a turn, you should apply an overlapping brush to the turn and spray a layer of adhesive to make sure there are no creases. If the installation of the turning part is too difficult, the brushing distance should be shortened appropriately.

(5) If the polyester fiberglass cloth is used for vertical lap joints, the width should be increased by 5 to 10 cm, and the joints of 10 to 15 cm should be maintained in the horizontal direction. The direction and direction of the lap joint are exactly the same. Press the rear end tightly to the lower part of the front end, and use adhesive for bonding to ensure that the seam meets the standard of firmness and stability. Strictly control the surface overlap width, too large or too small will easily lead to the decline of the structural performance, and avoid the situation that the interlayer is too thick, otherwise the bonding performance between the two will be reduced, and problems such as displacement and bulging will easily occur. Therefore, for the parts with large width, it is necessary to cut them in time to ensure the quality of the brushing construction.

(6) During the construction process of polyester fiberglass cloth painting, on-site operators should wear protective equipment, such as gloves, goggles, etc., to avoid the high temperature environment causing huge harm and impact to personnel.

(7) Before the construction operation, the quality inspection of the polyester fiberglass cloth material should be strengthened. Once there are problems such as damage, dampness or deterioration, it is forbidden to be applied to the project, and the supplier should be contacted for replacement in time.

(8) After painting on both sides of the polyester fiberglass cloth, it is necessary to spray the adhesive in time, and evenly spray a layer of stone chips on the surface to prevent the hollow pier from sticking up.

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"Technical application of polyester fiberglass cloth for cross-section hollow piers in bridge engineering" and "Polyester fiberglass cloth has broad application prospects"

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