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Application Status of Wet-laid Fiberglass Thin Tissue(2)

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Thin tissue

Application of Wet-laid Fiberglass Thin Tissue

After countless times of polishing, Wet-laid Fiberglass Thin Tissue has found a lot of advantages on its own, and has played a major role in many aspects.

For example, air filtration is mainly used in ordinary air conditioning systems, gas turbines and air compressors. Mainly by treating the fiber surface with chemical reagents, combined with accurate pulping to complete the production, the products produced are in terms of high efficiency, low resistance, folding resistance, etc., especially under low resistance, the filtration efficiency can reach 60%-95% , and has a certain waterproof function, which can be suitable for occasions with high humidity. Therefore, this product has good moisture-proof and waterproof functions. The filtration efficiency of ordinary plant fiber filter paper is preferably 13%, while the filtration efficiency of ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper is 99.99995%, and the transmittance is 0.00005%. It can be seen that the filtration efficiency of ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper is very prominent.

Such as battery separator, glass fiber separator paper is composed of ultra-fine glass fibers with a diameter of 0.5~4 μm without any organic binder. The separator has performances that are significantly better than ordinary battery separators in many aspects, such as high liquid absorption, fast liquid absorption, good hydrophilicity, absorbing and maintaining the electrolyte required for the rated capacity of the battery, and maintaining the battery's rated capacity. maintain its high suction rate. At the same time, the glass fiber separator has large surface area, high porosity, small pore size, high chemical purity, and few harmful impurities, and has very good acid resistance and oxidation resistance. It takes advantage of the corrosion resistance of glass fiber and the good pore size of the glass fiber substrate, which can fully penetrate the electrolyte.

For example, copper-clad paper, which is mainly used as the base material of copper-clad laminates, has a uniform appearance, excellent electrical properties, heat resistance, solvent resistance, and excellent compatibility with epoxy resins. The performance of the copper clad laminate produced by using glass fiber paper can reach the level of glass fiber board, which is suitable for industrial electronic products, especially glass fiber paper has excellent follow-up processability and is more popular in the market.

For example, glass fiber reinforced plastic surface felt, Wet-laid Fiberglass Mat has a large porosity and can absorb a large amount of resin. When used as the surface of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, it can form a resin-rich layer without gaps and chemical corrosion resistance, which can improve the smoothness of the product; protect the interior The reinforcement layer prevents the internal fibers from being exposed; at the same time, it can prevent the liquid in the glass pipe and the tank from leaking under pressure.

The foreground of Wet-laid Fiberglass Thin Tissue

In addition, Wet-laid Fiberglass Thin Tissue can be used as GMT sheet, adsorption substrate, sound-absorbing and flame-retardant paper, etc. my country has specially proposed in the "Twelfth Five-Year" development plan for the glass fiber industry that it is necessary to vigorously develop glass fiber products. Continuously expand the application scope of glass fiber, especially in fire resistance, heat resistance, reinforcement, etc., develop various forms of products to facilitate use, by expanding the application market, fundamentally improve the quality of the glass fiber industry, and expand the application field. The breadth and depth are for the connection between glass fiber enterprises and downstream industries, and promote the development and expansion of the glass fiber industry chain, which puts forward higher requirements for the development of glass fiber paper types and the optimization of quality. Therefore, it is hoped that Wet-laid Fiberglass Thin Mat has more good development directions and development prospects, and has always maintained a fresh vitality.

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