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Characteristics and application of glass cellulose membrane

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I. Characteristics of glass cellulose membrane:

★ The surface uniformity is flat and the fibers are evenly dispersed;

★ Good hydrophilicity;

★ Good processability;

★ Fast climbing speed and good release;

II. The physical indicators are as follows:


Ⅲ.Application of glass cellulose membrane on colloidal gold test strip (chromatography)

chromatography1. Test strip structure:

Sample pad + marking pad (colloidal gold pad or conjugate pad) + NC film + absorbent pad.

Glass cellulose membranes can be used as sample pads, marking pads and bridge pads in test strip construction. The sample pad can separate and filter impurities in the sample, pre-process the sample, balance the pH of the sample to be tested and adjust the salt ion strength, so that the sample maintains a certain degree of uniformity and controllability during the chromatography process. The labeling pad is a carrier to which colloidal gold particles are attached. When the sample to be tested is added to the sample pad at one end of the test strip, it moves forward through capillary action, dissolves the colloidal gold labeling reagent on the binding pad, reacts with each other, and then moves to the fixed antigen. or antibody area, the conjugate of the test substance and the gold-labeled reagent specifically binds to it and is intercepted, and gathers on the detection belt, and the color development result (colloidal golden red) can be observed with the naked eye. The bridge pad is a connecting pad added between the sample pad and the marking pad, which can slow down the sample flow rate and help improve product sensitivity. Therefore, the glass fiber paper needs to have a good chromatography rate and appropriate liquid absorption capacity to ensure good chromatography effects of the sample and colloidal gold, thereby improving the accuracy of the detection results.

2. Parameter comparison:

Domestic glass cellulose membranes are mainly derived from imported products (Ahlstrom 8964 from Finland, Crane from the United States). The following is a comparison chart of the physical performance parameters of glass cellulose membranes:


ablstrom Sample measured value

Crane sample measurement value

Metek measured value

Test reference standard

Grammage (g / ㎡ )




GB/T 13762-2009

Thickness (2.8kPa ) (mm)




GB/T 13761.1-2009

Glue content ( % )




Corporate standards

Water absorption (mg/ c㎡ )

52 ( 15s dipping) , 58 ( 60s
dipping )

43 ( 60s dipping)


Corporate standards

Water absorption ( climb ) (s/2cm)

7 ( vertical ) , 8 (horizontal )



GB/T 461.1-2002

Water absorption (wetting rate) (s)

All soaked in 1.5-2s

All soaked in about 20 seconds

All soaked in 1-2 seconds

Corporate standards

Dry strength (N)


314 , 291.5



GB/T 15788-2017

transverse directionl

122 , 117



GB/T 15788-2017


Normal, with wrinkles




 3. Product advantages:

▲Compared with imported products, the performance is consistent;

▲Compared with imported products, the price is lower;

▲The delivery cycle is guaranteed;

▲Can be customized and developed according to customer requirements;

4. Development prospects:

At present, colloidal gold immunochromatography test strip detection technology has many applications in medicine, animal and plant quarantine and food safety. Including tests for IgH, IgG antibodies, and N antigen for new coronavirus pneumonia; early pregnancy human chorionic gonadotropin detection tests; clenbuterol hydrochloride detection and African swine fever antigen/antibody detection tests; meat Veterinary drug residue testing and drug morphine, virus testing, etc. are prohibited for such products. Colloidal gold immunochromatography test strip detection technology is also constantly exploring more applications in different fields, constantly expanding the market, and has good development potential in the future.                         

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