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Introduction to silica gel dehumidification wheel and molecular sieve dehumidification wheel base material

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Metek Toda Green Technology Company Limited(our company) is a technology-based company specializing in the production of wet-laid non-woven materials, headquartered in Shaanxi, China.

Since its establishment, Metek Toda has been committed to the production and development of substrates for environmental protection and air treatment equipment. The non-woven fabric made of electronic-grade glass fiber chopped strands through a special wet process has been maturely and stably applied to silica gel dehumidification wheels, molecular sieve dehumidification wheels and VOCs wheels .

IProduct Category

A. Product components: a. Alkali-free glass fiber chopped strands

b. PVOH adhesive

B.Product application: silica gel dehumidification wheel, molecular sieve dehumidification wheel and VOCs wheel skeleton support material.

Physical performance indicators

Technical indicators


standard value

standard value

standard value

Mass per unit area







0.2 0 ±0.02

0.2 3 ±0.02

0.2 8 ±0.02

Combustible content (PVOH)





Longitudinal tensile breaking strength




≥ 65

Longitudinal tensile breaking wet strength



≥ 30

≥ 35

Liquid absorption rate




In the long-term cooperation and communication with users, our company has developed and can continuously mass-produce a series of high-temperature resistant products to meet users' special application requirements.

1. Glass fiber non-woven fabric with temperature resistance of 250℃

2. Glass fiber non-woven fabric with temperature resistance of 435℃

II. Product Features

A.Good uniformity and consistency of weight and thickness (meeting the user's requirements for flatness during coating or dipping)

B.High porosity and uniform pore distribution (to meet the user's requirement for uniform polymer dispersion during coating or impregnation)

C.Good surface flatness and no standing hair (to meet the user's requirements for consistent thickness after coating or impregnation and no pore blockage)

D.High mechanical strength (meeting the user's strength requirements in production and processing, and the mechanical strength can also be adjusted according to the user's equipment requirements)

III. Advantages

1、Excellent quality - strict quality control, testing and inspection.

2、Flexible product solutions - proprietary formulas can be designed according to the specific requirements of users.

3、Continuous technological innovation - working closely with users to develop the most advanced high-performance new products that meet market demand.

4、Real-time product development - meeting user's standardized product needs while adjusting material and process changes according to user requirements.

5、Delivery - Flexible production system allows us to meet the urgent needs of users and produce small, medium and large orders in a very short time to meet the urgent needs of users.

Strengthen the foundation and cultivate the young, protect ourselves, enhance the advantages and win the success.



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 Add.: No.3 workshop, Shaanxi Baoguang New Academy of Sciences, Dongguan Science and Technology Industrial Park, Chencang District, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province

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