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High Strength Polyester Glass Fiber Cloth

Product Description

High strength polyester glass fiber cloth description

High strength polyester glass fiber cloth is a new type of road geo-materials developed after geotextile and geogress. It is made of glass fiber and polyester fiber as main raw materials by wet process. The product has the characteristics of glass fiber strength, heat resistance, aging resistance, water resistance and polyester fiber flexibility, and get a "rigid and flexible" new material, overcome their shortcomings: brittleness, heat resistance. The application examples show that the composite of polyester glass fiber cloth with asphalt and asphalt mixture layer can improve the flexural tensile strength and deformation resistance of asphalt mixture, and the crack prevention effect is obvious.

High strength polyester glass fiber cloth advantages

-Delay reflective cracks

Fiberglass reinforced polyester has very low elongation and instantaneous tensile strength, which can effectively eliminate the stress concentration of joints or cracks in the road surface, so as to reduce the expansion and upward reflection of cracks in the road surface, thus delay the generation of reflective cracks, and extend the road service life, thereby greatly reducing the cost of repair and maintenance.

-Provides a super waterproof layer

Installing a waterproofing layer under a hot mix asphalt pavement is one of the best ways to protect and extend the life of your road. The anti-crack cloth of general material will be deformed and damaged at high temperature, but the polyester fiberglass cloth is made of non-woven fiberglass polyester. It can withstand the high temperature construction of modified asphalt concrete. The high-temperature stability of the polyester fiberglass cloth will provide a continuous, non-deformable waterproof layer for the pavement, which will effectively prevent moisture penetration, and avoid damage to the pavement layer and the base layer caused by moisture penetration.

-Can be completely shredded and used for road regeneration

Fiberglass reinforced polyester can be crushed and recycled. When milled, the fiberglass reinforced polyester is crushed into very small fibers.This can actually improve the performance of recycled materials. Other materials sometimes stick to milling machines, causing costly downtime.


Fiberglass reinforced polyester keeps no deformation and no shrinkage under high temperature.

-Do not stretch

Fiberglass reinforced polyester will not stretch and deform during construction and installation.


Fiberglass reinforced polyester can withstand high temperatures up to 258 ° C, so it will not melt or brittle when paving asphalt concrete.

High strength polyester glass fiber cloth index

Main performance indicators:

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