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The Product Indicators, Product Characteristics And Advantages of Wet-laid Fiberglass Thick Mat

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Wet-laid Fiberglass Thick Mat is made of alkali-free continuous fiber short cut wire (non-absorbent) through the wet process, it also has excellent sound absorption, heat insulation, fire prevention and moisture-proof performance, it is a new type of sound-absorbing decorative materials with excellent comprehensive performance. The product is light and thin, strong efficacy, can completely replace the current market bulky glass wool board. It is an emerging environmentally friendly decorative materials. Specific as follows:

I. Product indicators

- Fiber Type - Continuous Glass Fiber Chopped Wire

- Adhesive Type - Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH)

- Fire rating--UL 94V-0


II.product characteristics and advantages

Fist---Good sound absorption performance

Sencond---Health, safety and environmental protection

Third---heat preservation, flame retardant, heat-resistant, moisture-proof performance is good

Fouth---Good  post-processability

Fifth---Good chemical and thermal stability

III. Product Applications

Widely used in the construction industry, such as sound-absorbing doors, industrial doors, industrial factory wall panels, roof panels, office partition panels and so on.

IV. Product Pictures

1            2

V. Application pictures

3            4 

               Foil lamination                                             Foil lamination

  5           6        

                   Office partition                       House insulation, flame retardant, sound absorption

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