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Application of polyester glass fiber cloth in urban road construction

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Polyester glass fiber cloth description

In the process of "white and black" reconstruction, a thin stress absorbing layer on the rigid base can effectively prevent the appearance of reflection cracks. The traditional geotextile stress layer has a certain waterproof ability, but when the spreading temperature of the hot asphalt mixture exceeds 160℃, the geotextile has poor strength and creep resistance, so it can not play the reinforced anti-cracking effect. Glass fiber grating and asphalt mixture can form the effect of extrusion, but in use is difficult to fix, easy to expand and refuse to stick, and does not have waterproof function, affect the normal asphalt mixture spreading and its reinforcement effect; The stress absorption layer of asphalt sand mixture has good anti-crack and waterproof effect, but the construction technology is higher and the process is complicated. The polyester glass fiber cloth used in this process is a new type of composite geosynthetic material, has good compatibility with asphalt mixture, good waterproof performance, can effectively deal with road cracks and bridge deck and road water damage, and the construction operation is simple, has good social and economic benefits.

Polyester glass fiber cloth application

The role of polyester glass fiber layer stress absorption layer: rigid pavement (cement concrete pavement) and flexible pavement (asphalt concrete pavement) should be set up between the buffer transition layer, transition layer construction quality directly affects the quality of asphalt pavement. The transition layer of this project is polyester glass fiber cloth, which has very low elongation and instantaneous tensile strength. It can effectively eliminate the stress concentration at the junction of the road surface or the crack, reduce the expansion and upward reflection of the crack in the road surface, delay the generation of reflection cracks, and extend the service life of the road. At the same time, the general material of anti-crack cloth will be deformed and damaged at high temperature, polyester glass fiber cloth is made of non-woven glass fiber/polyester. It can withstand high temperature construction of asphalt concrete. Polyester glass fiber cloth and adhesive layer oil bonded into a whole to provide a continuous, non-deformation waterproof layer to the road surface, effectively prevent water penetration, avoid damage to the road surface layer and the base, and improve the overall quality of the road structure layer.

The characteristics of polyester glass fiber layer stress absorption layer: 

(1) The construction operation is simple, without professional operation, high construction efficiency; 

(2) The construction quality detection method is intuitive and easy to control; 

(3) Polyester glass fiber cloth can withstand the high temperature of 258 degrees Celsius, in the high temperature construction environment to maintain no deformation, no shrinkage, in the spread of asphalt concrete melt or become brittle; 

(4) Polyester glass fiber cloth itself has the material characteristics of crushing and recycling; The construction noise is small, no dust, energy saving and environmental protection.

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