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  • Water Treatment Membrane Industry Analysis
    This article mainly analyzes the water treatment membrane industry, including the development of membrane technology, the basic principles and characteristics of membrane separation technology, and the classification of membrane separation technology. Read More
  • Characteristics and application of glass cellulose membrane
    Through the analysis of the characteristics, parameter comparison, application and prospect of glass cellulose membrane, everyone will have a deeper understanding of the advantages of our products. Read More
  • Application of glass fiber felt in ships
    Application of glass fiber felt in shipsThe glass fiber felt produced by our company has the following characteristics: First,The thermal insulation performance of the product is superior; the thermal conductivity of the product is: the average temperature is 25 degrees, and the thermal conductivity Read More
  • Wet-laid skeleton non-woven fabric
    The skeleton non-woven fabric produced by Shaanxi Metek Toda Green Technology Co., Ltd. is made of high-quality polyester staple fiber as raw material and manufactured by imported wet process. Read More
  • Polyester Surface tissue
    Polyester Surface Tissue Characteristics Polyester surface tissue made of polyester fiber with high strength, not easy to wear and break through wet process, without any adhesive material. Tissue surface is high, uniform and flat, soft to feel, good air permeability and other characteristics, Read More
  • ‘Passion May, Shining Youth’Fun Games
    In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, promote communication between employees, and create a good corporate culture atmosphere, the company held a fun sports meeting on the afternoon of May 22, 2023. In this sports meeting, there are five people moving forward in one group, kicki Read More
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