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Insulating Heat Resistant Glass Fiber Tape

Product Description

Insulating heat resistant glass fiber description

Transparent glass fiber tape is a high strength fiber tape, which made of glass fiber and improved type of synthetic rubber. The product has high tensile strength, good thermal insulation, good heat preservation and good insulation. This product can make the iron and steel products, household appliances, furniture parts paste together very well during the production of transportation.

Insulating heat resistant glass fiber classification

Metek glass fiber tape, which can be divided into variety types, has their own characteristics each: some are heat-insulating, some are thermal insulation , and some are insulation, which determines their application in different fields play different roles.

Firstly, glass fiber insulation belt, which is a kind of fiber tape, has good heat insulation, heat-insulating and corrosion resistance, and is made of glass fiber roving, or bulky treatment of glass fiber yarn processing, suitable for winding high temperature pipe fittings, such as electric heating wire cables.

Secondly, silicone rubber glass fiber protective insulation is a fiber tape on which coated with thick silicone rubber. It can be used to wrap cable and other heating components, have effect on heat insulation, anti corrosive.

Third, glass fiber radiation insulation and heat insulation belt, which is made by special technology processing,  is generally very thick. In addition to the above two performances, it also has effect on insulation and anti-corrosion.

Insulating heat resistant glass fiber advantages

-With strong wear resistance, impact resistance and high retention;

-Good viscosity and no residual glue on the surface of some greasy metal ;

-The tensile strength of fiberglass tape makes it sufficient for use in irrigation lines, plumbing and sewer lines. The advantage in this case is that it will not rot when exposed to constant humidity, and the coating type is especially impermeable.

Insulating heat resistant glass fiber application

Glass fiber gasket is mainly used in: industrial furnace seal, flue seal, cement industry preheater, shipbuilding industry flue seal, high temperature furnace door seal, manhole seal, etc.

Common glass fiber gasket application environment: minimum temperature -100℃; The highest temperature is 450℃; Operating pressure 1500 psi; Tensile strength 8 Mpa; Compression ratio ≥50%; Rebound rate ≥35%.

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