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Wet-process Nonwovens

Product Description

Wet-process nonwovens description

Wet-process nonwovens are made of glass fiber short filament, high performance polymer fiber, inorganic fiber, organic fiber and plant fiber, etc., by using wet process technology.

This technology breaks through the traditional textile principle, avoids carding, spinning, weaving and other complicated processes with high labor intensity and low efficiency, and rationally uses the wet mesh technology of paper making. Water is rarely used during wet non-woven fabric production, it is only used as a fiber transport medium in the system cycle, does not discharge to outside, so this process will not cause damage to water resources and waste.

Wet-process nonwovens characteristics summarized

(1)High production speed, up to 40m2/min;

(2)Suitable for short fiber mesh with length less than 20 mm;

(3)The mixing of fibers of different qualities is almost unlimited;

(4)The fibers in the fiber network are disordered, and the wet nonwovens are almost isotropic;

(5)Good fluffiness and uniformity;

(6)The variety conversion possibility of wet nonwovens is small.

Fibers used in wet-process nonwovens currently include PET, PPS or co-component (PET/PET, PE/PP) fibers, as well as PPS, aramid, PP and other new high-performance fibers. We can prepare it according different requirements produce excellent performance products, which with good uniformity, good consistency, good wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent heat resistance and flame retardant, good heat insulation, and so on. The product has a wide range of gram weight and bulk weight, and surface characteristics, voidage and pore size are tailored to user needs. Wet nonwovens are widely used in pharmaceutical, waste water treatment, waste gas treatment, battery diaphragm and other fields to play its different properties.

Wet-process nonwovens process

wet-process nonwovens supplier - Metek

Wet-process nonwovens advantages

-Good uniformity and consistency of gram weight and thickness;

-Good flame retardant and heat resistance;

-High voidage and uniform pore distribution;

-Good chemical and thermal stability;

-Good dimensional stability;

-Good mechanical and physical properties.

Wet-process nonwovens application

Metek wet non-woven materials are widely used in water treatment, filtration, new energy, aircraft, automobile, construction, chemical, electrical components, electronic equipment, environmental protection, medical equipment, pharmaceutical and other industrial fields, and are widely used in the manufacture of various products as coating and impregnation, filtration, support, composite (coating), insulation, sound absorption materials.

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