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Wid-laid Fiberglass Thick Mat

Product Description

Wet-laid fiberglass thick mat description

Wet-laid fiberglass thick mat is made of glass fiber and polypropylene or other fibers. This product is about 3-6 mm thick and can be used as wall insulation material or automotive parts. The main product is GMT sheet. which is a low-pressure, hot forming long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene sheet. The product ,which is an internationally leading lightweight and environment friendly material, has the characteristics of low weight and recyclable.You can choose different surface coverings according to actual requirements, such as: adhesive film, barrier film, decoration, rigid polypropylene film, non-woven fabric, reinforcing material , or without covering.

Wet-laid fiberglass thick mat advantages

-Low weight, glass fiber and polypropylene fiber are used as low-density raw materials, and the surface density is reduced at the same strength;

-Simple operation, ultra-fine fiber, 3-5 times foaming, homogeneous foaming;

-Physical The performance is good, and the existing raw materials meet the requirements of automobile interior decoration;


Wet-laid fiberglass thick mat application

GMT plate in the automotive industry specific application in:

-Ceiling, can achieve high performance but also can absorb sound insulation, weight reduction of about 25%.

-A.B.C column upper and lower decorative plates, instead of injection molding (plastic parts embedded in the buckle), reduce the weight by about 25%, reduce a large number of mold development costs, save high mold etching costs, solve the problem of plastic feeling, surface with fabric, leather, leather, elastomer to improve passenger experience.

-The inner plate substrate of the four doors replaces injection parts and wood fiberboard, which reduces the weight by more than 30% (about 4kg) than the existing one, and saves a lot of mold costs and high appearance etching costs in the process of Yin mold and plastic honing, so as to better sound insulation and sound absorption, improve NVH and solve the problem of plastic feeling.

-The outer wheel cover, better sound-absorbing sound insulation, reduce tire noise, replace injection parts and fabric molding parts, can improve the rigidity at the same time, reduce the weight by 30%-50%.

-Coat rack base material, replacing PP wood powder board, PU board, honeycomb board and other materials; The effect of sound insulation and sound absorption is enhanced, and the load bearing of the coat rack is improved. The weight is reduced by about 30%, about 0.8kg.

-Engine bottom protection plate, while improving low-temperature impact, instead of injection parts (injection parts are generally 2.5mm thick); Sound insulation, sound absorption effect is enhanced, can reduce the weight of more than 50%, about 0.9 kg.

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