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Wet-laid Fiberglass Thin Tissue

Product Description

Wet-laid fiberglass thin tissue description

Wet-laid fiberglass thin tissue is made of glass fiber as the main material, inorganic glue or organic glue as a bonding component. Through the wet process of paper making glass fiber wikipedia thin page functional material can also be called glass fiber paper, this kind of paper making method and ordinary paper have some differences, it uses glass fiber, after mild dissolving, plus binder, or with part of the chemical wood pulp, in the long mesh paper machine or round mesh paper machine copying, can also add some silica gel or bauxite, Used to improve the strength of the paper. Usually fiberglass paper does not need to be beaten in the production, only need to disperse. Because of the brittleness of glass fiber, it is usually not necessary to press after forming with paper. Thin felt is generally 20-43 g/m2 weight.

Difference of Wet glass fiber felt and paper:

wet-laid fiberglass thin mat supplier -Metek

Wet-laid fiberglass thin tissue characteristics

The surface of glass fiber is smooth, without the phenomenon of broomization, and there is no -OH group that can form hydrogen bond on the surface of the fiber, so the paper can not generate natural strength during forming, drying and dewatering. In order to ensure that the glass fiber can be firmly interspersed among the mixed fiber in the process of paper making, the glass fiber is often pretreated, or the formed paper frame is sprayed or dipped. The main function of pretreatment is to make the glass fiber paper has good evenness, uniform thickness, no raised fiber group on the surface, and spray glue or glue type of post-treatment is mainly to give the paper better strength or other special properties.

Wet-laid fiberglass thin tissue advantages

-Suitable porosity, because wet glass fiber felt in the early treatment to fill molecular sieve adsorption materials, there is a certain gap can be filled with a certain amount of adsorption materials to achieve a certain adsorption effect.

-With a suitable aperture, and the diameter of the adsorption material is the best match, so that the adsorption material and glass fiber felt better combination.

-Appropriate wet strength and dry strength, because the glass fiber felt in the early treatment of contact with liquid, so a certain wet strength is needed to ensure that the early treatment after continuous felting; Suitable dry strength to ensure continuous felting during use.

-Suitable flexibility, because the glass fiber felt in use to play corrugated, so a certain flexibility to make its molding is not easy to damage.

Wet-laid fiberglass thin tissue application

It is mainly used as the base material of VOCs adsorption runner and desulfurization and denitrification runner.

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