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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Membrane Substrate

Product Description

Industrial reverse osmosis membrane substrate description

Industrial reverse osmosis membrane substrate is made of polyester fiber by wet process. The product has good smoothness, good breathability, good flatness and high tensile strength. The product is mainly used as a non-woven layer in the three-layer structure of reverse osmosis membrane. Combined with polysulfone layer and desalting layer, its chemical properties and structural materials can reduce the COD and total solution amount of landfill leachate wastewater, and can also be used for concentration of high concentration substances.

Industrial reverse osmosis membrane substrate advantages

-The reverse osmosis membrane separation process needs to be carried out under high pressure, so the process flow should be equipped with high pressure pump and high pressure pipeline. The reverse osmosis membrane separation process has low energy consumption, no phase distortion, and can be carried out at room temperature, so it can be better used for the separation and concentration of thermal sensitive substances.

-It can effectively remove ions, molecules, organic colloid, bacteria, etc., suitable for dealing with high salt water quality.

-High desalting rate and water reuse rate.

-The membrane separation device is simple and easy to realize automation.

-In the process of separation, it is easy to produce membrane pollution, so it is necessary to clean the membrane regularly.

-In order to prevent membrane pollution, raw water should be pretreated to a certain extent, and enter the reverse osmosis membrane separation device after all indexes reach the standard.

Industrial reverse osmosis membrane substrate application

After subsequent treatment, industrial reverse osmosis membrane substrate is mainly used in seawater desalination, brackish water desalination, industrial sewage desalination and some drinks treatment.

-Desalination of seawater and salt water

Based on the type of seawater desalination technology, reverse osmosis technology has the characteristics of less economic input, low consumption, short time and so on, which is better than distillation technology. In recent years, it has been widely promoted and applied. The energy consumption is reduced to 8.0 kw.h.m-3, the water flux of seawater desalination system is 102m3/h, and the reverse osmosis unit consumes 1.85kw.h.m-3. Usually, because the salt content of brackish water is too high, so it can not be directly used in agricultural processing and life, after desalination processing, solid content, salt content and other indicators decline, and then applied in production and domestic water.

-Power plant recycling discharge sewage, printing and dyeing wastewater and heavy metal wastewater treatment

After passing through the reverse osmosis system, the water quality of the wastewater from the circulating cooling system of the power plant conforms to the requirements of the reverse osmosis influent. The turbidity of the produced water is lower than 0.02 NTU, and the density sewage parameter is lower than 0.7. The reverse osmosis system operates normally, the interception rate is 97%, the water content is 68 m3/h, the water conductance is lower than 40, and the recovery rate is above 60%.

-Milk and juice processing

As a by-product of cheese production, dry whey contains more protein, fat, lactose, minerals and so on. However, whey has a small lactose to protein ratio and a high BOD. Reverse osmosis can be applied in whey and production, including whey concentration, mineral resolution, whey separation, so that whey can be converted from waste to organic nutrient material. In juice processing, reverse osmosis membranes are used for concentration to maximize nutrient retention and flavor.

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